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Mages Guild Mailer: Alteration

As part of a new initiative to share with its members the benefits of various magical explorations, the Mages’ Guild will be sending out booklets containing spells that have recently been invented or uncovered by our organization. The combination of these booklets provide our members with a brilliant overview of new spells to experiment within the boundaries of Guild policy. The Mages Guild Mailer forms the latest development in Tamrielic arcane advancement, to the benefit of all its denizens.

In this fantastic first issue, you can enjoy multiple new spells in the Alteration school, an intricate exercise of using and abusing the laws of nature. The spells found within are useful for a wide variety of spellcasters, especially those with a strong desire or intention to change reality. Those who find themselves drawn to the school of Alteration can explain to you that while Alteration spells do not share the obvious—and often explosive—capabilities of schools like Destruction, its potential for causing help and hindrance alike, should not be underestimated.


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