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Monsters of Murkmire

May marks the first anniversary of the Monsters of Murkmire. Although this booklet has been out for a year now, it never received an official send off. It just mysteriously appeared on the downloads page one day without any mention or fanfare. So while it might be a bit late, here it is. Please enjoy Monsters of Murkmire.

Murkmire is an incredibly dangerous place, for both the locals and newcomers. This book highlights many of those dangers, with 31 original stat blocks of monsters, beasts, and peoples who can be found in the swamps of Black Marsh.

Monsters aren't the only dangers in the deep of Murkmire. This book also highlights some of the more perilous flora that can be found, and which should be avoided, if possible. Although the threats of Murkmire make up a large portion of the pages, this book also covers the different types of people that can be found living in or exploring through the marsh. Chapter 1 includes new player options, including a new subrace of Argonians: the Naga, along with two factions that your character might be apart of or come across while delving through the thick muddy morass. Chapter 2 provides 13 new magic and mundane items and treasures that can help you stave off many of the deadly threats.

Stay moist, Beeko!

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