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Blessings & Curses

What lurks in the darkness is not for the faint of heart. That sound in the distance could be the wind moaning through the hollow of a felled tree, or it could be the sound of a horde of zombies headed in your direction. Did that wolf howl sound like it came from an ordinary wolf? Is this the same bat that has been following you for hours?

Explore the sounds of the night with Blessings & Curses, an immersive 150 page volume filled with lore and amazing images from the talented artists of Elder Scrolls Legends. Within you can find something exciting for players and Dungeon Masters for use in their Elder Scrolls setting.

Chapter 1: Monster Lore takes three iconic creature types to the Elder Scrolls series and provides in depth information about their origins, dispositions, and their clans. Dive deep into the story behind the hordes of undead, lycanthropes, and vampire clans that terrorize Tamriel.

Chapter 2: Character Races presents a single option, taken from the Curse of Strahd D&D adventure, which allows a fallen player to come back as a Revenant, a risen warrior bent on retribution.

Chapter 3: Classes provides several new options for players to use when fighting off the forces of evil, or perhaps join them. Two new cursed classes provide deeper progression for players that are afflicted with the terrifying Lycanthrope and Vampirism curses. 8 new subclasses are available for Barbarians, Crusaders, Mages, Rangers, and Sorcerers.

Chapter 4: Exile's Barrows brings a short adventure to introduce some of the iconic monsters included in Blessings and Curses. Join Narsis Dren, acclaimed author and adventurer, as you seek out treasure and excitement in an ancient Nordic Barrow. This adventure is an adaptation of the same location found in the Elder Scrolls Online.

Chapter 5: Spells introduces over 40 new spells dedicated to fighting or creating evil. Many of the spells will help define your Nightblade, Sorcerer, or Vampire characters, while others will provide additional tools, all themed around Blessings & Curses.

Chapter 6: Items and Artifacts includes 38 notable trinkets, weapons, and armors from Tamriel, along with 2 of the most terrifying artifacts: the Ebony Blade and the Necromancer's Amulet.

Chapter 7: Bestiary provides game statistics and lore for over 70 monsters, beasts, and non-player characters, including 36 new monsters from the Elder Scrolls universe. Gain access to dozens of your favorite creatures, including draugr, dragon priests, flesh atronachs, vampires, and several new lycanthrope options.

Blessings & Curses finishes off with easy to use Monster Lists and a brief List of Diseases to bring into your game. Hopefully there is a little something for everyone!

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