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Tamriel is a world filled with exciting stories. Many tales have been experienced and shared, but there are many more waiting to be told.

The Elder Scrolls series was initially influenced by pen-and-paper role playing games. Arena's success came from its innovative RPG elements, and Daggerfall's character creation was completely reminiscent of popular pen-and-paper games. It is surprising that this immersive world was never officially released as a table top game.

    While this conversion project maintains many elements from D&D Fifth Edition, there are some differences. Each of the classes, races, and backgrounds have been customized, but so have some of the attributes, and birthsigns have been added.

    Birthsigns and Races include special features that a character can use, which makes them much more powerful at 1st level than in D&D, and this should be considered when creating appropriate challenges for the player characters.

    Each of the areas of character creation should be reviewed before playing, but many of these can be can easily be converted back to D&D. Take as many changes as you feel comfortable with into your game. Remember, the only right way to play is by having fun.

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