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Enemies of Elsweyr

Elsweyr is the ancient homeland of the Khajiit, a place strongly influenced by the shifting duality of the moons. Within this ambitious book you will find a variety of new player options, items, and dangerous monsters.

This booklet is 106 full colour pages filled with new tools and feature for players and DMs alike, the largest, most ambitious addition yet. This is also the first UESTRPG book with a writing credit that isn't myself, which is a pretty significant milestone, in my humble opinion. When Juanchoclo heard about the project's theme, he asked if he wondered if I would consider including some related content if he wrote it - and so he did, and it was great! Thanks to his work, we see the inclusion of 4 new Khajiit subraces.

On top of the new player subraces, we see the first new class added outside of the Basic Rules: the Necromancer. This TES themed necromancer comes with 4 subclasses and 12 new spells. Elsweyr is also home to many adeptoriums that teach various forms of martial arts. One of those forms, the Way of the Desert Wind, is presented as a new Monk subclass. Finally, 30 new items are available to the brave adventurers that seek out treasure in the sands and jungles of Elsweyr.

Lastly, are the Enemies part of the supplement. Over 80 new stat blocks are found inside taking up the bulk of the pages. New monsters, non player characters, and gentle beasts can be used to fill your adventures with Elsweyr themed encounters.

Blessings of the moons upon you, traveller!

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