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Community Spotlight: The Firmament

The Firmament is a beautifully simplistic blog dedicated to creating a seamless and lore friendly transition from D&D 5e to the universe of the Elder Scrolls. The goal of this project is to eventually create a campaign setting guide and to share the journey with other DM's.

This is a very focused project that provides thoughtfully crafted character options and world building ideas. Given that our two projects are similar in nature, there is a significant amount of overlap and I am very excited to collaborate with the project's creator on many ideas in the future.

The Firmament abides by a few general rules to help in the creation of some truly high quality content:

1. If it isn't broken, don't fix it.

2. D&D 5e mechanics, Elder Scrolls setting.

3. Minimalistic approach.

4. Word walls. (text based content for dungeon masters)

5. Thought process.

While the project is only a few months old, it is growing very quickly, and new content is being added weekly. Currently, you can read through many different ideas easily categorized into either Armory, Bestiary, Character Options, or Worldbuilding.

Armory covers options for weapons and armor, new spells, magic items, and more.

Bestiary includes creature statistics unique to the Elder Scrolls universe. Currently, 11 daedra stat blocks are listed, complete with lists by CR and Creature Type.

Character Options gathers everything a players needs to create an Elder Scrolls character. It elegantly provides solutions for races and birthsigns, along with utilizing Unearthed Arcana to create options for racial feats. Elder Scrolls related class adjustments can also be found here.

World Building contains information to help you run a campaign in the Elder Scrolls universe. You can read how each of the classes and archetypes fit into this world, and get ideas of how to bring guilds, locations, and adventures into your game.

Definitely keep an eye on this project, as it looks like it's just going to keep getting better.

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