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Bestiary of Summerset

Summerset is home to many dangerous and amazing beasts. Within this bestiary, you will find 17 creatures suitable for your Elder Scrolls campaign.

The latest update to UESTRPG is a mini monster manual with over a dozen creatures found throughout Summerset, home of the Altmer. Inspired by the latest chapter released for The Elder Scrolls Online, this bestiary captures some incredible creatures, such as the nefarious Sea Sload, the majestic gryphons, and the otherworldly yaghra.

With this latest PDF, I've been trying some new things. I've recently switched quite a few of my personal programs from Adobe's suite to a new, more affordable program from Affinity. I've been playing with Affinity Photo for my raster images for a while now, and haven't missed Photoshop at all. With Bestiary of Summerset, I tried my hand at Affinity Publisher (beta). I never did have a copy of InDesign at home, although I use it regularly at the the office. This is a huge improvement over using the Open Office word processor. I'm able to create professional looking formatting with relative ease. Working with images is also immensely easier.

I tried out a few different things, experimenting with the new program, and I am very happy with how it turned out. Although I had to create a bunch of new text styles (of which I also switched which fonts I was using) and set up a whole new work flow, I'm looking forward to creating great layouts in the future.

I thought I'd keep this update short, as the interesting part is in the download. So go on. Download it! I also built this quick 'printer friendly' version, which doesn't have the paper background.

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