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LGtC: Priest Subclasses

Priest week! A class that doesn't quite exist yet in UESTRPG, but will in the near future. This will likely be a bit confusing in the short term, but once the next version of the Basic Rules is released—with the priest class included—it will all add up. The easy part is the priest will essentially be an exact replica of the cleric class, with the name change being solely based on an Elder Scrolls theme.

If you read through the crusader class update for Legionnaire's Guide to Cyrodiil, this is likely somewhat expected, and possibly a bit repetitive. In short, a cleric class has been a common request for UESTRPG. By including a cleric, the crusader class will have a bit too much overlap, and so the crusader will also be updated to be essentially the paladin class. Of course, if you're already enjoying the crusader as written in version 1.4 of the Basic Rules, there's no reason to change!

Part of the reason for changing these classes to be identical to their D&D counterparts is balance. The classes as they exist in 5e, are well loved and work well. Trying to homebrew something that is nearly the same, but slightly different, adds the possibility that something might break—and the classes, as is, already work well in Elder Scrolls lore. A good way to TES-ify them, is by subclasses. As part of the revised Basic Rules, the priest will see the Healer and the Pilgrim subclasses, in addition to the ones introduced in LGtC. Another bonus to using the existing base class, is you can easily access all 12 of the cleric subclasses found in the Player's Handbook, Xanathar's Guide, and Tasha's Cauldron.

  • Doomsayer, a priest subclass that glimpses into the future to bring doom and prophecy.

  • Reveler, a priest subclass dedicated to spreading cheer and merriment.

You can download the PDF here:

And you can find a link to the Google Doc here. Please leave your comments here so they can be considered and incorporated in the final version!


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