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Delvebound: Priest Class

You might have noticed in the last few books (Legionnaire's Guide to Cyrodiil and Shadows Over Skyrim), there have been references to something called Delvebound. This is the next evolution of UESTRPG. Delvebound itself, is the overall Unofficial Elder Scrolls 5e game. This will essentially be the next update of the rules, which we have been referring to as 1.5. It's really going to be something more like a 2.0.

There's a lot of things to go over and comb through to make this update. The original rules were created specifically for my table. A group of six friends wanted to play 5e, and we decided to play in the world of Tamriel. So I got to work pulling the existing 5e content together in a way that made sense to me to have it work in a TES setting. Many of the features were just picked and pulled to create familiar sounding classes and some things were renamed to give it that Tamrielic feel. As a part of Delvebound, I want to go back and redo a lot of that stuff. Create original features, rather than hacked together ideas. Many of the classes will remain exactly as they are, especially the base classes (and more specifically, the 5e base classes). Others will see some minor quality updates, and some will be seeing pretty large reworks.

The first thing we're taking a look at is the Priest class. We knew this was coming and already incorporated it into Legionnaire's Guide to Cyrodiil. As one of the most requested class types, the Priest is really just a reskinned Cleric. The base class stays completely untouched, while original subclasses have been included: Bastion of Light (inspired by ESO), the Healer, and the Pilgrim (two classic TES classes). We wanted to keep the base class consistent with the 5e version to help bring that plug and play aspect. It allows you to play your favorite 5e Cleric subclasses, or try out the custom ones presented in Delvebound or Legionnaire's Guide to Cyrodiil. And if you preferred the Crusader class as it was in the Basic Rules v1.4, you should feel more than welcome to keep playing that!

To get a first look at what the Priest will look like, check out the link below. Most of base class has just been adjusted to suit the UESTRPG system (spell points, weapon classifications, etc). If you're already familiar, feel free to jump down to the subclasses and check them out!


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