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Delvebound Feats: Revisited

As a character levels up, they gain features from their class that help define what they can do. Sometimes, campaigns allow the use of Feats to help customize a character further. Feats are an optional rule described in the 5e core rules and the GM decides if Feats can be used in a campaign. They can also choose to allow some Feats, but not all.

This article provides additional Feats that can be used in a campaign, but they are dedicated to your character’s Heritage. These special feats are associated with the Heritage options provided in this book and are summarized in the Heritage Feats table below. A Heritage feat requires your character to have a particular Ancestry or Culture, and it represents a heightened connection to an aspect of your Heritage.

Some Heritage feats indicate a deeper knowledge in certain cultural facets of your Heritage, while others manifest physical changes or even transformations. How these changes come to fruition can be up to you and your GM to determine. Consider what happened to your character to facilitate these changes. Perhaps they experienced character growth through the stories told within the game. Or maybe they found a latent connection to their Heritage that emerged after personal development or maturation.

Check out the revised feats that will appear in the next update of the rules, to work alongside the Heritages!


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