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Birthsigns Revised

Everything in the Basic Rules is being revisited in an attempt to make a better, more balanced, and more fun version of Delvebound. Birthsigns are a part of the Elder Scrolls franchise that exist in many of the single player games we love, and in Delvebound, they continue to play a role in who your hero is. Not everyone on Tamriel is blessed by the stars, but these heroes are.

In a world like Tamriel, the heroes are exceptional at what they do and are often marked by the stars as having a place in history. For Delvebound, birthsigns create something that can slightly alter playstyles in unique and meaningful ways that are familiar to the video games. The intent is to provide 1st level characters with these unique gifts that have a comparable power level to a feat. We hope you like the updates, and please let us know what you think!


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