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DOOM Eternal Launch

With the Launch of DOOM Eternal, I wanted to celebrate with a stat block for the Mudcrab of Eternal Doom. Elder Scrolls Online released this pet earlier this week in celebration and I thought this could be a fun creature for your game.

Adventure Hook. A wizard at your local Mage's Guild has sought out a group of adventurers to look into some troubling events. A tribe of goblins that lives in the hills not far from town has recently abandoned their worship of Malacath and have turned to Mehrunes Dagon.

One of the scholars at the guild was on a research trip the other day and noticed some strange activity with the goblins. They appeared to be collecting magical ingredients–specifically ingredients that can be used for powerful summoning spells. The guild fears the worst, that these goblins may end up conjuring dremora or xivilai, which could cause havoc for the settlements nearby.

The adventurers are sent on a mission to stop the goblin ritual. Only a few hours out of town is the goblin den, filled with a handful of goblins and one goblin boss that has grown 4 arms in their worship of the Prince of Destruction. The goblin boss wields two scimitars, leaving two hands free to direct orders and taunt unwelcome guests.

In last room of the den, a goblin shaman has just completed a summoning ritual when the adventurers intervene. "Behold the power of Dagon!" the goblin cries out to the heroes. Fire and smoke explode from a daedric ritual rune on the ground. The DM should play up this portion of adventure, making it appear as though something truly nefarious has been summoned, hidden by the smoke. Perhaps the sounds of clattering legs like a spider daedra, or the howls of a wicked daedroth. When the smoke fades, the small crab appears. The goblin laughs, proud of their work, and sicks the mudcrab on the adventurers. On the first round of combat, the mudcrab attempts to banish one of the characters.

This adventure hook would be suited for a large 1st level party, or a small 2nd level party. Raze Hell!

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