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Community Spotlight: Character Sheets & Encounter Tracker

This week we're looking at our first Community Spotlight, a post dedicated to featuring fan creations that you can use in your Elder Scrolls roll playing game. If you are using this system, in part or in full, or just running an Elder Scrolls themed game, and you want to share your creations with the community, let me know and I will share it here! If there is a lot interest in sharing, I can look at starting a forum, so you can share your creations in real time. The more we can share with each other, the easier it will be to run our games!


Greg, or The Sloth, has generously taken the time to work on a some of the most important resources to running a game: Character Sheets and Encounter Trackers!


Greg has combined the existing character sheets into a single file, which is a simple, but extremely useful upgrade. But he didn't stop there. The character sheets are now a form fill-able PDF! This is so much more useful than the previous version, and perfect for your digital games, and for those of us who have can't read their own writing. You can download the new file here.


He has also taken the time to create an Encounter Tracker for this system. The Tracker can be printed out and filled in as needed at the table, or you can enter your monsters ahead of time on your computer with the easy-to-use fill-able PDF. Each page comes with Stat Blocks for 3 unique monsters, along with a clear Initiative Tracker, and space for notes, XP, and more! If you have more than 3 unique monsters in a battle, just add on another page.

You can find the new Encounter Tracker here:


Lastly, I've put together a new, full colour, Races of Tamriel document you can download. Created in a style that matches the player's handbook, this 26 page PDF is full of fantastic artwork created for Elder Scrolls Legends and Elder Scrolls Online, to help create a strong visual while you build new characters. You can grab this here.

All of these have been added to the Downloads page where you can grab them now!

Again, if you have anything you'd like to share, let me know by sending an email to or by leaving a comment anywhere on this site!

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