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V1.2 - A (not so) Quiet November

Although it's been a quiet November around here, I've been super busy pushing forward with new updates.

V1.2 feels like the biggest update yet, although V1.1 took months and months to review and reorganise the classes. The main feature of this update was to overhaul the magical classes to be more inline with how D&D is set up. Each magical class (Bard, Crusader, Mage, Nightblade, Ranger, Sorcerer, & Spellsword) has been updated with spellcasting features similar to Fifth Edition characters, and have been given new dedicated spells lists (so the number of spells available is less overwhelming).

The amount of magicka each class has access to and the amount of magicka spells cost has been increased to suit the variant: spell points description in the Dungeon Master's Guide. Spells now have proper levels, and a sortable list of all of the D&D spells has been included on the website. One downside to this overhaul is that the spells have been removed and you will need to refer to your Player's Handbook for detailed descriptions (or one of the many websites dedicated to D&D 5e spells). Also, the custom spells have been removed until I can rewrite them to better suit the current gameplay. They will be coming back!

There are many more updates to the website that came along with just the spell updates. Here's a quick list of what's changed. (If you have any specific questions, I keep copies of all the old versions, so please don't hesitate to ask!)

  • Class spellcasting overhaul

  • Class dedicated spell lists

  • D&D Sortable Spell list

  • Updated website navigation

  • Updated all birthsigns

  • Updated all backgrounds

  • Individual pages for each background with full descriptions

  • New backgrounds based on the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide

  • New Haunted One background from Curse of Strahd

  • Updated all races

  • New class comparison chart

  • New Imperial Subraces: Colovian & Nibenese

  • New Orsimer Subraces: Wood Orcs, Wild Orcs, & City Orcs

  • Consolidated Khajiit Subraces

  • New Nightblade Subclass: Betrayer

  • Revised Less Complicated Armor List

  • Slight changes to some weapon costs

Tonight is game night, but starting tomorrow I'll be working on a PDF of quick rules that will include information on how to build a character, along with all of the birthsigns, backgrounds, races, and classes, so you can easily jump into a game. My goal is to have that ready for download mid December.

There are more updates to come! Thank you for all your support and patience! If you have any suggestions on how to make this project better, please post them here. If you have a lot to say, or if you don't feel comfortable posting here, you can always email and comments to

Until next time, (I've been working on a sign off message for weeks and still can't figure out what to say)

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