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November Update

The revised (and new!) classes are now out, so that means step 1 is complete. Now I need to get started updating the site, removing the old class write ups and replace them with these much improved versions. I'm really happy with where everything ended up, and I'm excited to get started on the next steps.

I started updating the classes yesterday, and I can already tell that what seems to be an easy task, is going to take a lot longer than I first thought. With the update, I'm also changing a little bit of the formatting to be a bit more familiar; adding equipment lists, a little bit of flavour text, and finishing up with familiar terminology.

Over the next month, after the classes are updated. the next big release will be redoing all of the magical features. I've already had a chance to look at this and have a clear path, so it's just about getting it done. The problem is, magic is a huuuuuge part of the game. With 492 spells to check and recheck, that alone is a going to be extremely time consuming. So this portion will be split into two releases:

V1.2.1. will update the classes and races with magical feature to suit the Spell Points variant from the Dungeon Master's Guide, along with class specific spell lists.

V1.2.2. finishes up the magic update with reorganised spells, and revising the custom spells to be better written.

When that is complete, I'll make my way towards a PDF version of the the classes, races, and custom rule sets for download.

So what's next? No really. What happens after all of that? I've seen requests for a beastiary, which would be super helpful, especially for classes that rely on special creature. But what else? What do you want to see? Campaign ideas? Mini adventures? Supplemental information, like factions, gods, and histories? Leave a note below, or start a conversation on twitter.

Regardless, I know I'm going to be keeping busy well into the new year with lots of things, but it's always nice to have long term, high level, goals. Every month, this project gets closer, and I get more excited about its progress.

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