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Instead of copper, silver, electrum, and gold coins the land of Tamriel deals only in Septims, which are sometimes called Drakes.



The economy of Tamriel is based mainly on bartering. Although many merchants deal in coin, many will trade for goods and jewels. Larger cities may refuse to barter for goods and wish to deal strictly in Septims.



The main currency in Tamriel is the Septim. It is named that way from the Septim Empire that ruled Tamriel from the end of the 2nd era until the end of the 3rd era. It's called this due to the bust of Tiber Septim on the face of the coin. It is also sometimes referred to as Drakes, due to the seal of Akatosh on the back side.





Lodging           Cost    Time

Squalid               2        day

Poor                    5        day

Modest               10       day

Comfortable      25      day

Wealthy             50      day

Aristocratic      100     day

Hovel                 150     week

Cabin                400     week

House               1500     week

Villa                 5000     week



Service              Pay

Cart                    1 per mile

Rowboat            10 per mile

Ship                    40 per mile



Service              Pay

Sell Sword         10 per day

Fighter's Guild  15 per day

Messenger           1 per mile


Food and Drink

Food                     Pay

Sweet Roll            1

Bread                    2

Butter                   1

Leg of Goat           3

Venison Stew       8

Mudcrab Legs      9

Goat Cheese         8

Eidar Cheese        10


Ale                         5

Spiced Wine         7

Alto Wine             12

Colovian Brandy 100


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