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Although D&D 5e is very adaptable for players and DMs to customize, there are specific things that need to change to suit the lore of the Elder Scrolls.


The most obvious change is to revise the races and classes, but there are other changes to include to create an immersive conversion. Some of the revisions are fairly subtle but others create significant differences.


The Abilities have been revised to become Attributes to match the terminology of the Elder Scrolls. Many of the Attributes have simply been renamed, but some have changed significantly.



Magicka is within every spirit and is the energy within all living things. Instead of gaining spell slots to cast your spells, you gain spell points referred to as magicka. Each spell has a point cost based on its level. Cantrips don't require spell slots and therefore don't require spell points.


All spells are categorized into one of six schools of magic: Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, Mysticism, and Restoration.


You can read more about magic and spells here.



Instead of copper, silver, electrum, and gold coins the land of Tamriel deals only in Septims, which are sometimes called Drakes.

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