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Tamriel is a rich and enchanting land, full of diverse races and cultures.  



Meaning human, Man is used to refer to any of the human races of Mundus, such as the Nords, Imperials, Bretons and Redguards. While the Bretons are the result of interbreeding between Aldmeri and Nedes, they are most commonly considered men, and not mer.



Meaning elf, Mer is used to refer to any of the Elder Races of Mundus, such as the Dunmer, Altmer and Bosmer. Besides these three races, the Orcs and the Falmer are also said to be mer. A chief distinguishing characteristic of Mer is their lengthy lifespans, with average citizens living over two centuries before being considering old, two or three times the span of Men. Those extraordinarily gifted in magic or alchemy, or favored by the Gods, can endure for millenia with seemingly no ill effects. A few mer races have disappeared or otherwise died out, including the Dwemer and the Ayleids. All of these races are thought to be descended from the Aldmer.



Beastfolk (or Betmer) is used to refer to any sentient beast-like humanoid that inhabits Tamriel, such as the Argonians, Imga and Khajiit. A few races have died out or disappeared, such as the Lilmothiit.


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